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Yep super simple - posting here for anyone else - just go in and adjust buffer, I'd suggest using x2 or x4 figures for the buffer, to keep even loop lengths.


Just wondering if there a simple way to increase the buffer size?

Guess I need to open and dig :)

Ahh user error ;)

Many thanks, hadn't set the output to the launchpad.

Hi, should this work on a Launchpad S ? Doesn't seem to for me.

Hi, should this work on a Launchpad S ? Doesn't seem to for me.

Love this - joyful to use.

Ignore does work on Launchpad S - missed the step about spaces between letters - doh! Thanks very much for this much fun.

Doesn't seem to work on Launchpad S sadly - random lights or none at all.

And thanks for this device - love it - it's particular great for capturing Reaktor weirdness after hitting pause.

Ah so in answer to my own question :) Simply click where those circles should be!

So hopefully this helps others.

Same issue here with the save buffer option - PC Win 7 - maybe it is a permissions issue but also device actually looks different - its missing the two red circles next to save buffer and play recorded for me.