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Spectral Attractors Version 1.0.1
form Version 1.0
Tomb Live Version 2.1
Mono Sequencer Lemur layout Version 1.0
ArpP Version 1.0
Grain Hand Version 1.0
Binomial Sequencer Version 1.2
The Padma Version 1.0
fingArp Version 1.0
amBe Version 1.0
Note Mapper Version 1.0
seQ Version 1.0
seq live Version 1.0
amBe II Version 1.0
iota Version 1.2
circuit Version 1.0
g.delay Version 1.0
metamorphosis Version 1.0
traverse Version 1.0
particle Version 1.0
macro studio Version 1.0
MIDI Shaper Version 1.0
Iota Version 2.0
Ext In Envelope Follower Version 1.0
Markov Variations Version 1.0
Audio Input Selector Version 1.0
Note Skipper Version 1.0
Beat Lab Instant Sampler Version 1.0
RandParam Version 1.0
Image2Wavetable Version 1.0
Ripple Filter Version 1.0
Strange Mod Version 1.0
Logistic Mod Version 1.0
Fractal Filters Version 1.0
Cellular Degradation Version 1.0
Swarmalators T Version 1.0
Swarmalators N Version 1.1
Note Trigger Map Version 1.0
24K Golden Sinusoidal Synthesizer Version 1.0
Pathways Version 1.0
Screaming Janus Version 1.0
Vector Map Version 1.0
Mouth Play Version 1.0
Songbird Version 1.0
Grain Forest Version 1.0
Rhythmorphic Version 1.0
data.train Version 1.0
Iridescence Version 1.0
Divisions Version 1.0
Coalescence Version 1.0
data.mod Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 43,609

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Yes it can just use the receiver device that comes with it and you can send a single instance of the device to multiple instruments

Thanks! I believe so.. basically, if you store the samples in the User Library it will remember that relative path so it just has to match that relative path. And that also only works if the file is installed (placed) in the correct relative path in the user library (at least for the presets to load correctly. As for the sample loading to work, I think it only has to be placed somewhere in the User Library, but I could be wrong).

Let me know if you have issues dillonbastan@gmail

email me, could be you have to update max?

You press the circle button under "2)" that will save it

Hmm I think thats because it glides the macro variations, since it works off that I don't think it is possible because changing macro values adds to undo history and changing macro values is the main function of this device! BTW if anyone was having lagginess with this device thats since been fixed

cool design!

That's odd, you switched to MIDI triggering and are matching the assigned MIDI note correct? Reach out to me if trouble persists:

Just to clarify if it is helpful for you:

(1) The naming conflicts are noticable when you load another instance and it will start with the spectrogram of the first instance. Also when you trigger voices on one, the sameplayheads appear on other instances too (but that doesnt affect the sound output). there may be other conflicts I didnt see.

(2) clicks occur at end points of the looping (which is where a short fade window could help)

Nice device:)
Couple things:

One is that when you name the matrixes you need to also use the "---" unique identifier because if you load more than one instance of the device in Live they interfere with each other

the second is that you may want to consider some kind of smooth of windowing for the playback. I didnt check thoroughly so I'm not sure what caused it but there is some clicking and popping in the playback.

Otherwise is a wonderful use of fft filtering and sample playback!

Hey it's a nice idea. But you know you can make this process smoother by having the Fire button launch the selected variation with the API without having to do all this midi mapping yea? Take a look at the Live API, in the RackDevice section there is a property called "selected_variation_index " and a function called "recall_selected_variation". So basically instead of mapping the fire button, you can have a live.object with your rack device (you just need to detect the rack device when the device is moved/dropped in the rack) and when the user presses "fire", check the property "selected_variation_index" and then call "recall_selected_variation" and simple :) You can also populate the variations and select/launch them straight from your device but I understand if that is not the workflow you want for the user. Nice work!

Hello, the synth is for 10,000 Euros. As for the rest, please get in touch with our team through the gumroad page


shbadr, you need the newest version of max. Download it from cycling74 website (you don't need a license) then in Lives preferences set the newest version to the max version it is using. If you are using an early version Live 10 (most likely if you are using a crack) then you have to edit the options.txt file to allow for custom setting of max version, search online for more info

oh cool we have API access to that, nice

Thanks :) They are good ideas but, unlikely I will expand it, too many other projects and I kinda kept it simple given the price tag. Actually, it was intended as a free device but the $5 was to raise money for donation.

nice idea!

@Crampe, I do not get any flooding of undo history. Are you referring to when you create a new state? Or maybe you have an LFO mapped? But if so please reach out to me at so I can look into it

nice!, hope you keep goin with this

Hey for everyone having sample loading issues, I have an update that fixes it! I dunno when ableton will update it, they could be slow, so get in touch with me for the update if you have this issue!

Hey it seemed to be frozen fine, and none of the testers reported that. I just refroze it and reuploaded it. Does the error persist? Thanks!

Hmmmm lemme check thanks for the catch andreas!! Good to hear from ya

Hey Citizen thanks for bringing this to my attention! Make sure you have the latest version.

To respond to each of your points:

1) Ok I have noted this down! Sorry about that, it is a big issue (unless you are using an older version?) And please send me an email with more details if you prefer/can so I can keep in touch with you better about the issue:

2) For Iota 1 this is not going to happen, but it will be possible in Iota II. Here is the link for the beta testing (note, beta version hasn't dropped yet):

3) This is not possible in Iota because of the nature of its parameter system and limitations in Live's parameter system. However, Iota II's parameter system is setup differently and this and much more will be possible.

Well I do have this in the works (and there is the first version out but it doesn't have multi sample support like this one):

Oh yea it for crashes me too. This is an older and really inefficient devices of mine. Kind of a fun idea. But yea I probably won't ever be fixing it.... although probably the crash itself is an easy fix, something heavy/conflicting with the startup I guess.

I dunno it was hastily made!! Maybe one day I'll have time to look at it..

This would be a limitation of Audio routing in the Live API currently. I cannot help with that AFAIK :/

It was my first max only device! :)

I wouldn't hold your breath.. it is an old project of mine haha

Hey All I think there was a mistake when freezing and so you don't have the resources to use it!! Please redownload after I upload it again

In response to gkillmaster:

Yes the graphics on the LCD are a little clunky, but I don't think the behavior you are describing is glitchy, unless you have more info! The thing is, when a loop's box (start position) is moved, the playhead won't move the previous position until the start of the next loop. This is to avoid unwanted clicks in the audio. So when you record your movements, it may look glitchy because it is seemingly starting at random places and jumping around maybe, but it is because it won't change position again until the loop ends.

As for changing the speed, I'm sorry if the description mislead you! Yes, stretching playback is a much more involved and different process of DSP with various options, so I didn't implement that in this version (wait until I update iota next time ))
However, you can make a similar effect, although is a little more work. Take a loop, and give it a small loop size (your desired grain size). Record the movement of that loop along an audio segment at your desired speed. Playback of this recording should make that segment of audio sound stretched. Layer it with more loops to add texture.

Hey all sorry I don't look here often!

As for the version confusion: this is because there is a previous version of Iota for the lemur+max, but Ableton didn't want to put out a v2 on their site with no v1 there. Well, v1 is on this site so...
If you're worried whether you have the latest update, check the Ableton site, they should have an update that I think fixed some sample reloading issues.

If you are still having sample loading issues please email me and we can figure it out!

jimlette, the manual can be found at

Hey supermosey, most likely you don't have Max 7 or need to check Ableton is running Max 7 as it's my application (check the preferences). This has so far 100% of the time fixed that issue, and no one who has Max 7 running in Ableton has had that problem. If you are 100% sure Ableton is running Max 7 and still have issues, email me at, don't let your $40 go to waste!

Hmm worked for me, maybe because it only works for me? This?


Hey, because there are other controls grouped with each macro. Try mapping the main 8 macros to 8 Ableton macros (on instrument or audio effect rack)

It's possible the m4l version may crash the first time loading it, but it should work after that. If it keeps persisting then it may not work, it does use a floating window so maybe because of that? (I hear the floating windows are unreliable)

This is awesome! I'm going to try it with lemur, thanks a ton!

Limitations and simplicity give different results, and an arena for sounds unique to that instrument/patch. Yea, you're right they're definitely different, I was just thinking the overall format was similar, it was cool!

Looks great, will have to check it out soon! I thought it was interesting that such a similar patch to mine came out right next to each other haha, I guess we were thinking along the same lines.

Hey apcut,
Sorry about late response, I don't check here often, it's better to email me if you can.

I tried downloading it on a different computer, but it works for me. Were you able to open it? It seems really odd that the jzml wouldn't open, your software seems up to date enough.

email me if it still doesn't work and I'll send you a new version