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Devices by natecraypo

APC40 Momentary Solo Buttons Version 1.0
Click Glitcher Version 2.0
Dragon Drawp Version 1.0
Looper Undo and Clear Version 1.0
Looper System Control Version 1.0
FilterTron Version 2.0
APC40 Button Matrix Sends Version 2.0
APC40 Foot-Switcher Version 1.0
Track Armer Version 1.0
Track Navigator Version 1.0
Tempo Modulator Version 1.0
Auto Solo Plus Version 1.0
Track Armer Plus Version 1.0
Time Signature Modulator Version 1.0
Alternate Metronome Version 1.0
Cue Point Alarm Clock Version 1.0
Clip Recorder Version 2.0
Digitech Bass Whammy Harmony Sequencer Version 1.0
Simple Reverse Version 1.0
Quick Recorder Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 531

Comments by natecraypo


Unfortunately, the multi-purpose transport button is not accessible via the live API...

... I do however have a workaround involving a MIDI loopback. I'd be happy to share this solution with you. Please reach out to if you're interested.

Love it!

Hey Josh, I just saw this. You can contact me via my website ( and I will hook you up.

I couldn't say for sure. If anything, you would need to open the device up and edit the information in the "coll" object to reflect the correct MIDI PGM messages the device would need to send our in order to properly control the pedal.

Thank you!

Maybe this?

Hey, thanks man. As for the device you're looking for, I'm sure something's out there. Are you wanting to use the shape of the incoming amplitude to control the parameter or use the audio to trigger a predetermined envelope?

so much gratitude.

hey, i'm checking out your device right now. i found something you might be interested in:

definitely let me know if you post any recordings