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ClipStates Version 1.1
TrackStates Version 1.1
noiseAM Version 1.0
recArmMonitoring Version 1.0
knock Version 1.0
trapar Version 1.1
LR.step Version 3.1.1
chainActivatorMidi Version 1.0
chainActivatorAudio Version 1.0

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Hi hydrogen. There is a device which will operate on all chains and sub-racks, but it is unfinished:

I have actually stopped working with these states preset devices and moved on to simply having individual rack chains function as presets. These two devices are much more lightweight and I think more elegant (you could still use in combination with TrackStates to get your macro knobs morphing)

I've updated the sequencer. Fixed the low velocity case and streamlined the preset workflow.

yes, thanks!

Thanks for the bug report voodooho! I've been working around that output myself actually. . The low velocity bug should only occur on those specific ratios. I feel somewhat motivated to suss out that behavior now.

hello 10Guitars,

if you were downloading patches on the cycling'74 forums, that was all going on during the development process and most of those were not working patches to begin with

the finished version of trackstates is here on

I've updated TrackStates to version1.1, corrected errors in parameter mode and pattrstorage attributes.

spinnen, I don't own operator, but this device works by ID#s.

you are aware of JuanSOLO's operator populator?

You're right, synnack. It's frozen now, thanks.

A NEW VERSION IS available for testing @:

Thanks for the positive feedback!!

the behavior you're describing is just the momentary delay before the device parameters change, right? I know it can be especially undesirable in cases like when you have a really long release time on the previous preset.

I'm posting additional development and troubleshooting on the c74 forum: