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Hi ive found snapshooter very handy. what i am missing is a way to morph between snapshot over a period of time, like for instance when i setup a clip in clyphix pro.

I was wondering if it was at all possible to add a morph between snapshots over a selected amount of time that is defined by the user from seconds to minutes?
just my thoughts cheers!

hey there just brought your device, works great with my bass, also having great success using samples! awsome device thanks!

work for me, great device i had no idea about firmware 9, love the new midi paths work great with the octotrack!

just wow, ive been using your devices for a while since the very first incarnation im happy, love your devices i use them in so many differant ways own all of them,! thank you

wow its taken me time but now i realise, thankyou almost like elektron aheat. splashed out on this thought at first i wasted my money but wow thank you!!!

sometimes you just have to understand!

the best sequencer i have come across, i have 1 problem though on the inniax sequencer i cant remove the midi trigger round buttons what am i missing. by the way im having too much fun with this device, i would love to add and delete those button via the iphone anyways thanks

thanks for your help time for an update changed to windows all works cheers!

keep getting an error while opening synapse :'creating depth generator failed: Cant create any node of the requested type!
then the program then closes.

im running on vista and have the kinect up and running using clnuid device test kind of hit a wall can anyone suggest where ive gone wrong?

genius!! thankyou

yup great thank u!!! simple not sexy yet effective