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it is working. you need to have the flucoma externals installed though. they come with the max package called flucoma. installing max packages only takes a few clicks, here you go:

i fell in love with skip. you can get really great results when you use multiple instances with slightly changed settings..

really great update, thanks a lot!

it is great for deconstructing new very diverse and very glitching patterns out off any audio sample. thanks!

not only does ist look bad, it also sounds trash. this guy is not really knowing what he is doing but asks a lot of money for his stuff. we know that drama since he made overpriced devices out of free available volker böhm externals. after he was critizised for that he claimed to put a huge amount of work into the implemenntation of his devices. as we can see here: not so much :)

haha someone is getting greedy here. what comes next? „12 voice double poly plaits“ for 40 euro? as some said before everyone can download the max externals for this for free here:
do a short tutorial on transforming max patches into max for live instruments and save your money!

good one, merci! works as a funnier substitute for abletons beat repeat.