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Devices by keikusama

DR-Helper Version 1.0
PI L Squared Editor Version 1.0
Easy Autotuna Version 1.0
Kinto-wari - musical sliced sampler Version 1.0.2
recQtzSet Version 1.0
Loop-Set - memory and recall loop setting Version 1.0
Selection Sampler Version 1.0.1
reface CS edit Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 5,038

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Hi, denbuter.
Sorry, I don't have Mac running 10.15.5. So I couldn't test your issue.
anyway I update around "speed knob".
If you still have any problem, report me.

Great works!. And I made a modification to add floating window. I would like to return to you it. If you okay, please mail me. ->

Great works, Thank you so much!

Hi jonsane.
Actually I already made it. But It causes some problem about latency. So I will not publish it.

Only you double-click this .amxd file for using.
You should check it your system. (It needs Max7)

Hi, Anivia.

This device makes it available DrumPad's Solo function on DrumRack.

Please watch my tutorial video.