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It's working but only producing a left channel output

Unfortunately, midi isn't triggering any sound. I tried all env/filter adj.

That yellow box on the right with white letters. Illegible. Can't make a word out

Is there supposed to be a dozen files? I am not quite sure how to implement this on midi tracks.

where is grainstretch?
I googled already.

Triggering sound now. I noticed the morph knob seems off. It was working as a mixer before but now it's monitoring both at 12 oclock. Any increment either way, it's one sound or the other. Independent volume/level control would be a good thing as well to balance sample volume.

This looks really painstakingly hard. Maybe why I've not delved into it all though it fascinates me. Perhaps, I'm better off playing with them and giving feedback.

I'm back to sample loading. No sound triggered from midi.

Samples load but midi won't trigger any sound. Looks great though!

Ok that worked. Let me take this for a spin.

It analyzed for you? Mine just hung up on analyzing.

I dragged sample in. It says analyzing but doesn't get to analyzed. GUI looks like G key is being held down.
Not functioning.

Yea man. That's how I approached it and I had same result as above. No audio after analyzation and midi trigger.

Other comments mirror my experience

Followed instructions. Once data is analyzed, no midi input/audio output from device. Live 10.1.4 Catalina OS

I noticed today I can't map knobs like morph and timbre to group macros or an LFO parameter to them but others like Drive I can

The .amxd works and is really cool. The .adv presets give a live message saying they appear to be broken. Could be that I'm on Live 10 suite

Doesn't load on Live 10 :(

I know. I tried anyhow LOL

It appears on Live on Catalina like a synth but doesn't make a sound.

This looks like it could be great but it completely kills the entire signal path on Live 10 suite / Catalina OS

Live 10.1.4 Suite Catalina OS

No signal passing through on wet. 1.1 worked though

These are really very good

Working for me. Very cool.

Don't worry man. It's cool you're figuring it out. I'll hang in til it gets there. It's fun. Myself, I havent figured out max out all. But I sure love using them. LOL.

This is not functioning for me. Should be across the board C3 to start. The dice/roll doesn't function at all. It pauses intermittently. And while manually adjusting pitch, the audio becomes a cpu tornado of static and pops. On Live 10 Suite, Catalina OS.

There is no wet signal coming through this. It has no effect.

Doesn't seem to work at all
Tried it on audio and midi tracks with no effect

Clicking open doesn't open. Nothing triggers a sound.
This is on Live 10 Suite

Works fine on live 10 suite. Seems to be a reverb controlled graphically.

Pretty cool. Not sure what all the parameters are for certain but it's different. Only critique would be the white on lavender/gray is tough on old eyes! LOL

XY Gesture Audio is the M4L device that works the best to control it. Sorted

I'll try to find the X Y mapping max device that's somewhere in this bottomless pit.

Ah. Just read last paragraph. LOL

This is really cool. I can't seem to get the it to automate, having record on transport and manually moving the blue ball around the letters. I can LFO the xy but that's a bit different.


Is it possible that my being on an 8 yr old Imac is the issue?

Yea, My bro who owns the studio/apt complex here won't be into me modifying the IT config. We have a dedicated IT guy that handles it all.

Seems it can't see my wifi. Phones, tablet, computer clearly does. Can't imagine anything is set in the IT room to block this. Rather elaborate business wifi connect in the building.

I hit sniff, waited, turn sniff off and nothing. This looks interesting but I can't grasp the approach from the description above.
Youtube video?

A200xeaf, I used your advice with the folder load and I am now getting sounds out of it. Not quite sure what I'm doing but it is producing sounds. Seems to be randomly choosing files from the folder.

Well, I tried again after reading your comment and I still can't manage to get a sample to load into it LOL. I'm missing something here. I go to a folder of wavs but it won't allow them to be selected. A drag n drop would be most ideal.

Can't get a sound out of it. Cool gui though. Maybe because I'm Live 10 Suite

Works now. You're likely going to want a Dry/Wet parameter in it.

This is a cool idea. I highly suggest making the trigger for both oscillators mappable to an LFO. Then you can set it to keep randomizing every bar, 2 bars, half note etc or whatever. It would make it's usefulness increase.

There is no .amxd in the zip file. It's maxpat

I was manually adjusting trans w mouse. I needed +5 so i just entered it.

I'm playing with it for a few. Is it possible to extend decay and release to the same ms/s as say Simpler, 60s? 20 is a bit short

I can manually enter transposition to any number. Just the dial is moving in 38

The device is staying on top!

Yes. Catalina/Live 10.1.4 suite
I checked the last update. If I transpose -1 it goes -38.

It works now! Just try to get the device to not disappear behind Ableton and you have a winner.
I'm also confused why transpose moves in 38 step increments instead of 1 like usual. Very odd.

It's a cool device and worth developing.

Don't scrap it. It's a good start. I just can't trigger the samples.

Max 3 installed 4/18/23

Odd with the visibility as none of my other max devices disappear behind the DAW when dragging samples into them. It looks like a cool device. Just trying to provide constructive feedback to help.

I was able to drag a sound in by moving live to half screen and morphiner to the other half. When samples are loaded, no midi input triggers sound.

Ok. So you can't drag a sample to it as it closes when you choose the sample.'s not functional.

First observation, the device disappears everytime you click to go through your sample browser. That's not a good thing. Modify it to stay open while finding samples.

You might want to correct your url link to the right one.

Hi. Ok so it works now. And I think it's a great idea. Especially with a limiter after it. Valhalla Supermassive was quite interesting. If there is some way you can get it to drag from the browser, it would be 100% cooler. I just had a glitch up with the load button LOL. I wanted to use a LFO on supermassive. But I hit the open button and it lfo'd that off n on and I could only escape with FORCE QUIT lmfao. So that's a lil something to consider. If the open button was an open/close so the loaded plugin stayed accessible it would be very good. This could end up being a great experimental tool. I have been messing around with feedback loops in ableton and this is a great alternate way to achieve it.

Not one vst, vst3 or AU dropped into this loaded. Nothing....Ableton stock plugs as well. Live 10 Suite 10.1.4. Catalina OS iMac


No wet sound on Intel, catalina, Live10.1.4

Link is not functional.

Hello, I can get this to work next to a simpler. But is it possible to get this to function with a wav in arrangement or a clip in session??? For some reason adjusting say the flux n grain texture in those modes makes a more prominent effect than when in simpler.

Sounds decent. A flaw in it is that if you move the parameters from the display, the knobs dont move with them. An actual frequency amount, ex. 7khz would be nice vs an arbitrary value as is.

How's the live toggle work?

This is awesome! I've created a OFFTHESKY folder to keep these separate.

Don't feel bad. I have 1000 ideas as an artist and I can't program to save my life. I've wanted to know max but I know it will cut so much time into making music. Modular synth was exorbitant enough LOL

Right on!

I just reached you on FB messenger!

It shifts pitch nicely. How do you set up the midi in? There's a huge list when I look at midi in of stuff that I think may be from your set. Not sure. Can't find my midi channels though.

I have now and will test!

This is unique. Just wish I could read the white font! LOL

Well, I had all 4 working, one on each Live stock instrument channel. Was fine for 15 min and then crashed again. It reopened with Live recover. I've seen this before with modulation devices. They are rather cool for generative type stuff. I hope it all gets sorted.

It's workin so far on a different fresh project I started with. I like all of these but please update the ones with white font lettering. I can't see anything it says and I'm right up on the screen. It's become a trend in this past month and it renders comprehension of the patterns to be impossible. Thank you. (Especially for us older guys)

Once, I manually reloaded it without Note a Chance, there was no issues. I think even though I removed the note a chance from the crashed session, the ableton back up had it in the folder and I can't remove it. So I gave up on recovering the old session. It's not the end of the world. Just providing feedback.

This looked like it would be very cool. Unfortunately, I placed it before an Operator in the composition I was working on and it crashed Ableton Live 10.1.4 on Catalina. Now I can't get the project to open again. I even tried removing your device from the project folder and tried again. Somehow Ableton still has it in the project even though I removed it from my Max folder. Oh well. Please let me know if you can fix it. I'll text it on something not important like this was. - Rob

Trying to run this on Live Suite 10.1.4. It links to the clip but the parameters aren't moving at all. Disappointing as I've always wanted to do this.

Trying to run this on Live Suite 10.1.4. It links to the clip but the parameters aren't moving at all. Disappointing as I've always wanted to do this.

Cool idea but I can't seem to get it to affect a midi pattern in arrangement view with an instrument. Tried all parameters and off/on doesn't show any difference.

Thanks. I dig. I think that pack is just for Live 11

That's not an option on Mac. I tried. Or do you mean open it in max and modify it. Which I have no knowledge of. Yet..

One other little thing. If you could get it so the window that OPEN creates, would stay on top of ableton until manually closed, it would help out greatly. Otherwise, it disappears behind the daw, if you do anything in Live. These 2 factors will greatly improve this awesome Max device.

Let me start with, this is pretty awesome. Could end up being one of my favorite sound design toys. I have one minor issue. The gray on bright white letters is impossible to see. I can't make out any of the data. A different color scheme would be greatly appreciated as that data is important to me. I have my face right against screen can't make out any of it. I've noticed the white on white thing is a bit of trend over the past days. It's not very functionally practical. Love this plugin though. Great idea. Let me know if you fix that color issue. Thanks

Can you make a Live 10 version too?

That's what I'm talking about. The store isn't properly linked.

Hi Stevon
The links to your devices aren't correct. Auto Looper is there 4x for 3 other devices. Link takes you to Auto Looper on all of them.

Runs on Live 10!!!

This is great but the pitch colors, gray on white are almost impossible to read. Otherwise, useful utility.

Damn. No Live 10 :(

Cool! Works nice.


Ableton 10.1.4/Catalina

For some reason, the cab button kills all my signal. Works with it off.
Ableton 10.1.4/Catalina

Once, engaged, JKnob kills all my signal while showing an overdriven output with no sound. Great idea though. I made one with Ableton stock parts in a rack, last year. I hope you get it sorted.

I tried pressing the keys with mouse but that didn't work either. Hope you can get it working for 10! if you could respond. thanks.

I just tried to use this on Ableton 10.1.4 on a midi and audio track.

I adjusted every single parameter and wasnt able to get a signal to pass thru it all. Dry/wet nothing made a difference. Just killed the signal. Odd.

I set up an account w email. Went back to site. The error occurred again around the town/city. I did some tricks w the keyboard to get info in. Couldn't access place order but lucked out just hitting enter. You should look at that. It's very odd.