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I'm very impressed with the construction of the device. Looks pretty!

Broken Link :(

can't seem to get this to work with grouped racks or drumtracks. Any ideas about how i could make that work?

This is amazing.

cannot get it to recall devices in live 9.

Looks like the source code is entact and not obfuscated. Considering resurrecting this. Another Alternative to this is pptc but it is much more complicated. I like the simplicity of this one.

I run into this problem that the values don't update back into the BCR2000 when i switch presets. It seems to only do the first 1 or 2 paramaters and its not very consistent.

I really wish it would update the knob positions in the presets.

this is amaaazing...

one suggestion if i may... Put all the knobs in one device and put them onto a dummy pad. All those midi thru routings actually add just a microsecond of latency to the track.