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About groovmekanik: Robert Koster is a mixed media artist with a focus on music technology. His broad skill set stems from over a decade of music industry experience including music production, performance, event management and mastering as well as experimentation with digital media, graphic design, film production, visual art performance, programming and electronics.

Robert’s pursuit to constantly redefine the experience of music and art has seen him work collaboratively with countless artists in a professional capacity as well as provide mentorships and tutoring across Australia. Robert completed a Diploma of Music Industry at SAE Institute Adelaide in 2013 and has been a lecturer specializing in Electronic Music Production since 2016.

Robert is currently exploring spatial sound and interactive AV technology incorporating elements of metaphysics, psychology, spiritual healing, psychoacoustics, sound design, visual art and graphical programming languages. His artistic output can be described as detailed, thought-provoking and captivating.

GMaudio encapsulates Roberts exploration into Max including synthesizers, audio effects and educational tools. GMaudioAcademy is Robert's software & education package used to teach Music, Ableton Live and Audio Engineering fundamentals to his students in Adelaide, SA.
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GMaudio Mono Maker Version 1.0
GMaudio Dynamic EQ Version 1.1
GMaudio Dvolve Drumatix Version 1.0
GMaudio WaveFolder Version 2.0
GMaudio FMFX Version 1.1
GMaudio Vowel Version 1.0

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fantastic. Good on you for writing up such a detailed article on scale mapping, you'll have saved me some time and effort. love ya work.

Hey Audiojet. Not yet my friend, I will do a video on dynamic eq on my youtube channel soon. Did you have a specific question at all?

Awesome, cheers buddy. Yeah super happy with it, its in every track of mine, cant live without it. Replaces a lot of different stuff for me.

Its probs still messier than it should be haha, I'm getting tidier but this one has seen quite a bit of tweaking over time so not the tidiest of my patches.

I love that compressor. The whole device is completely different to Ableton's Drumbus, which to me is a bit meh.