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Hi piet, verry good work, thank you.
Until now, I used the device from JoeMatt:

In his editor, there is a "capture patch" button. And it works fine!
That means, there must be a way to get the patches already stored on the BS2.

And, yes the layout for the push controller is not useless, but I have to search a lot through all these pages to find what I'm looking for.

keep going ;-)

Ah, one thing,
there are some ",live.button and" in the selection of automation / envelopes !
would be great to have the right names.


great work, again ;-))

It makes a lot of fun to use .

(vers. 1.3)

But, please mapp the controls to make more sense when used it with Push
like with

And, I don't know why, but in my case, I loose sometimes the connection to the Hardware. I used some mfl midi-LFO's to control some parameter...
But maybe next time I will take the integrated LFO's in the full screen version (nice idea)

thank you for this !
But what I really miss is a way to automate the "speed in beats" for the LFO !
I can't map this to an Modulator in Ableton :-(
Is it possible to implement ?

some other ideas are:
- random possibility
- preset slots with morph

Thanks, best reg


Thanks for this usefull tool,
after I play a bit with my new Push, I found out, that the freq sliders are not showing up in the right order at my push !

Any solution for that ?