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... ok, that was easy. At least the patch banks F G H are now added

I don't know how to add a new download here. In case you are interested:

feel free. If you have any Idea how to add all the other new V2 features, let me know..


could you please update it for the new version 2 of the Hydrasynth os ?
Would be nice to have all the patch banks available for example...

Thanks, great work

seems to be not working in L11.

a shame ;-) just looking for something like that


looks nice, but did not get it to work. Live 11 and Hydra 1.5.5

No midi connection - no response to incoming (CC/NRPN) and is not sending any midi

a shame, looks really nice

Any Chance to get it working ?

I just checked it out, but I have some midi trouble.

It did not work with cc. I opened it with max and saw, a text about to use NRPN instead.
I changed it at the hydra and than, the plug in works. But,
it is not possible to record this automation. Tried to record knob movements from the hardware and the corresponding plugin controller stops recording after seconds. And Ableton recorded the NRPN also.

bit confusing so far, anything what I did wrong?

Would be great to have it working.

Thanks for your help



Hey, super, thanks.

But, is there a way to sort the locators by time ?
That wold be great.


Ah, one thing,
there are some ",live.button and" in the selection of automation / envelopes !
would be great to have the right names.


great work, again ;-))

It makes a lot of fun to use .

(vers. 1.3)

But, please mapp the controls to make more sense when used it with Push
like with

And, I don't know why, but in my case, I loose sometimes the connection to the Hardware. I used some mfl midi-LFO's to control some parameter...
But maybe next time I will take the integrated LFO's in the full screen version (nice idea)

thank you for this !
But what I really miss is a way to automate the "speed in beats" for the LFO !
I can't map this to an Modulator in Ableton :-(
Is it possible to implement ?

some other ideas are:
- random possibility
- preset slots with morph

Thanks, best reg


Thanks for this usefull tool,
after I play a bit with my new Push, I found out, that the freq sliders are not showing up in the right order at my push !

Any solution for that ?