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Hey, so I assume there's nothing I can do to try to fix this with the errors I posted? Or did I misunderstand what you requested?


thanks for the check.

I get loads of "live.object - get: no valid object set"

Then some "Live API is not initialized, use live.thisdevice to determine when initialization is complete"

Afterwards some call send value's
Then one "live. - cakk release_control id 0: no valid object set

And again some "live.object - get: no valid object set"

followed by :
different call's : "call send_value 7 2 23"
That return errors with the notion that no valid object is set.

Finally the "live.object - get: no valid object set" keep going

Also there are a few: "live.object - call set_light 5: no valid object set"

I have a windows 7 64 bit OS

Thanks a lot for this device, it's been a while that I found something so useful for max4life! I'm trying to get it to work on 9.6.2 on the push but my scene buttons keep functioning as scene triggers so there's no way to access the record or stutter mode. Any idea what is going wrong?

Anyways cheers for putting in the time and effort