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@maky457 Sorry for the delayed response, maxforlive was unavailable last time I tried to post. So I did some research, I was able to re-test and find a scenario where the plugin parameters were not saving. What I found is if I add a track typically before a track containing an instance of the LFO the parameters will get lost. If you add an instance of the LFO plugin, but don't add or remove and tracks/plugins and save and reload the set, it will be fine (which is how I was testing). This is actually not an issue with the plugin but an issue with live's integration with max. The problem is that live does not keep unique ID's consistent with saving and reloading of tracks. The next version of live is claiming to fix this issue

I will download the beta and verify ... work has been a little crazy this week otherwise I would have been on top of this sooner.

Regarding not saving the parameters that were sent ... I am sort of amazed at this, let me take a look, I thought I tested this extensively, I will absolutely fix this.

Regarding 10% CPU ... again, I am surprised, can you tell me what plugin you are controlling, I am not seeing any taxing of the CPU even if I max out all of the settings. I do have a 1 year old macbook pro, but I have 8gb of memory, I wonder if that is hiding any performance issues.

I will surely take a look this weekend and post an update.

Re-trigger mode is already in the works ... I should have something up by the end of day on 09/25.


I was planning on posting a documented version of the of that module since I assumed it would be useful to other people. It will probably be another week since I am taking a Jitter class this week.