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Brilliant! Exactly what I need - Works amazing - thank you so much!!! (LIVE 11.0.12)

Many thanks Zaion - looking forward to enjoying this and thank you for sharing - however I can't get it to produce any output on Ableton 11 (windows). Is there anything else that I need to do?

Perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for making this and making this available! I would love to use this device but I cannot work out how to get it running. I followed your usage instructions.

For example - I'm in session view - I've tried placing two MIDI clips on the same track and I'm selecting one clip for 'From' and one clip for 'To' and a third empty midi clip on the same track for 'Out'. The track is armed for recording (just in case). I'm doing this in this way becuase if I try and work across tracks - one clip in one track, one clip in another, and the out clip in another track - it doesnt seem possible to select 'From' 'To' and 'out' clips on the MidiMorph.

Do you know what am I doing wrong?

Can you provide a bit more explanation as to how to get this device up and running - I'd really love to explore it!

Thanks Gad - I've had a go but still no joy - I've downloaded the files and installed them here on a PC (which looks like the right place):

C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 6.1\Cycling '74\m4l-externals

(I also added the files to all the other externals directories just in case)

I didn't overwrite any other files as I had no other copies of the .mxe and .mxe64 ASCT files in any of those directories. Does the device need to be rebuilt in some way to account for these new files - would placing them in that directory be enough?

My Max knowledge is limited to just using the devices at the moment - but happy to help if I can.


This looks like a great tools- thanks for making this available.... However I'm hitting a few problems with the PolyScale Slave.amxd crashing. I can load a master into a new set but everytime i load the slave, Ableton crashes - even the included als file crashes. Not sure what the issue is - I've tried lots of things but the slave.amxd crashes everytime. Really interested in trying it out - anyone else having issues? Any ideas?

My set-up:

Windows 7 64 bit 8GB RAM
Ableton 9.1.7
Max for live 6.1.9

Many thanks