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this is AMAZING!

thanks, @Sanders !

This is G R E A T ! ! !

GastonKilo, this is absolutely incredible, and now everything is mappable and automatable!

Thanks for listening to our suggestions!

Hey, GastonKilo. This has the potential to be even better! I agree with @muball: if rests had the same input system as the notes you'd bypass one of the main obstacles Ableton has when it comes to actually writing music inside the DAW. I hope you can incorporate this suggestion to an already amazing device. Thanks!

this is insanely good; THX M∞ ! ! !

hi there! this is fantastic, and it would be even better with some kind of glide / legato functionality; nevertheless, great device!

N O W A Y ! ! !
i'm gonna need some tissues... thanks, man!!! looking forward to subsequent updates, but this alone is absolutely massive; keep'em coming!

i would cream my pants if this thing received pitch-bend data... you are making the lord's work!

another excellent product from codenote !