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MOD Shaper Midi Version 7
Note to Knob - Connor Pogue Version 1.1
Gen Note Version 1.0
Multi Map midi version Version 1.0
Load Bang to Midi Note Version 1.0

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can this be used with the DevicePreseter m4L device? (it comes with M4L building tools pack)

Could you add individual presets to the notes, gate, tie, velocity and two control changes? that way you could save individual presets for each of those and combine together.

This does not save the edit info when you re-open the live set

this look very cool but unfortunately it's not making any sound for me either.

in Live 10.1.40
Mac: catalina if that helps


great device. works on live 10

Hi there, I'm using live 10 so that is probably why. if you have M4L, this type of conversion (audio device to midi device) is fairly easy to do:

1. open the device you want to convert in max.
2. select all and copy to clipboard
3. in Live, under Max For Live in the bowser, put a new "Max Midi Effect" on a midi track.
4. open it in Max and paste the contents of the device you wanted to convert.
5. find the "plugin & plugout commands and delete them.
6. hit CMD + shift + I and find "open on presentation. Make sure that is on
7. save the new midi device.

Hope this helps!

Love this!

look forward to this device being finished. there were some note off problems should be an easy fix. also it would nice to see the number of notes in a scale go up to 127 some how. might need to do a pop up window for that grid. but if you finish this, it would be super helpful for me as it would help me finish this massive project I'm working on! :)

I only have live 10 and don't intent to upgrade bec clyphx can do everything 11 can and more

it appears that the envelope is getting trigger by the 'off' note as well. if that's your intention, all good. But if not, you could use a 'stripnote' object to remove the off note

Hmm. I'm on Live 10. that might be it.
Yes its suppose to act just like the map8 device but it takes midi input and changes the knob according to that.

I took the structure from the map8 device and used the map button. are you on live 11?

could you send a screen shot of what you see some how?

that is strange. I have a map button on mine. I'm using Live 10

just updated it. Let me know how it goes!

This device doesn't work well when put inside of midi racks

Could you make a midi device that is a striped down version of the ClyphX Pro Note Trigger Rack? Just launch one line of clyphx when a midi note is triggered.

this works well. the only thing is that when I try and re-open a project with this device in it, the clyphx code has added "/" around it. as far as I know, there isn't any effect but It seems like an easy bug to fix to make