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REQUEST Alias Clips Version 1.0
sampler with recording for drum racks request Version 1.0

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GREAT STUFF!!! The Device is here:


This is awesome, i just sent you a mail via your site...
Cheers! Thanks for your work!

This is awesome, i just sent you a mail via your site...
Cheers! Thanks for your work!

Awesome! Midi is much more important. you will be the Hero in the ableton Community!!!

can you explain a bit more, how to setup? I did, what you explained, but nothing changed. thanks a lot!

"Useless" was the wrong term, I'm sorry! I'm really happy with it. But the benefit of caranya was the ability to select different pattern on the fly without thinking about harmony changes ...

When I save my Project-File, the Pattern will be deleted to. Maybe I´m doing something wrong. But, if there is no way to save your work inside the plugin, it seems a little useless. this is sad, because the idea behind is amazing!!!

I figured out, how to load the matrix.png... Thanks a lot!

sorry, i meant synnack :)

This is awesome. Maybe THE Top-PlugIn i was waiting for such a long time. But please please please, can You uploaded a freezed version, like greaterthanzero recommended? Because the Matrix.png will not be recognized, even in the right direction. Or what I am doing wrong

Is it really hard to implement 64Steps and Velocity on each note? I would pay for that, if it is necessary :). And why every pattern will be deleted, when I change the size of the pattern or save the device for preset storing? Can I change this in the javascript?

This would be the Killer Live Impro-PlugIn with Presets, you can change patterns on the fly, similar to Instant House by Alex Kid. Good for really fast song sketches...

WOW!!! Thanks a lot!


is it possible, to make an instruction video?
Can´t figure it out or it´s not working. After the init via "start"-Clip, nothing i tried works...

not only beatrepeat... random crashes with any audio device. it´s sad, because i really like the idea

nice one, but live 9 crashes randomly, when beatrepeat is loaded

this is..... wow!!! thanks a lot


I tried to change the length of the looped buffer, is there a easy way to do?

thanx a lot, nice plug in!