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Hee, well no way to delete comments so rest assured I figured out that all I needed to do was truly learn the way Macro knobs work with device on/off switches... *blush* I also realized that my idea above wouldn't have done what I thought. Ha!

This is a great idea, Tom! It is also extremely close to something that I have been wanting to do but lack the understanding to program. Here's a suggestion for making this even more powerful: Add a check box for each mappable parameter to snap back to minimum value after the master knob passes out of its range. An example of its use would be: I want to build a 3-level nested instrument rack that is controlled by three sliders to select one of 48 different instruments. First slider selects one of four sound categories: mono-lead, poly-lead, bass, pad. Second slider selects one of three sound types: pure tone, full/harmonic-rich tone, gritty/dark/distorted tone. Third slider selects one of four instrument chains. So you have your "category rack" with four chains, each of which contains a "sound type" rack, with three chains, each of which contains an instrument rack. Do you follow so far? What I want the "return to minimum" option for is to allow me to keep all of these racks turned off unless they are selected to save CPU. If there is a smarter way to do this I am all ears! Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do for the Live community.