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CLIP SEQUENCER - sequence notes via clips Version 1.0
SIMPLE LATCH - hold your notes and chords Version 1.0
SAMBA - a step sequencer delay for midi notes Version 1.1
AUTOMAT - recall settings by clipnames Version 1.3
KEYPITCHER - change transposition with a keyboard Version 1.0
POLYRHYTHMUS - a modular euclidean rhythm builder Version 1.01

Total Downloads: 106,902

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hehe :) ... i dont know. i haven't opened the device eversince i've written it. give it a shot

yeah, that should work fine :)

hello tangotango,

somethings seems broken here at ... check the device-size of any device (not only POLYRHYTHMUS) you download from here ... it's always just a few bytes.

if you care, drop the admin a line and ask him to fix it.

(loving you for this, braduro)

hei mate – great detective work, there. you are correct: i am currently working on a project with k-devices, as publicly stated quite everywhere you look. i am hoping to develop good plugins with this very capable company and ideally find a small compensation to maintain these plugins decently. want me to apologise?

i have received 25$ in donations throughout the past 18 months – so, buddy: screw it. i was never in this for the money. i've released a hand full of decent tools – all of them for free, offering free support when ever i could. demanding, self-righteous people like you make me want to stop doing this. mail me you're paypal-transaction and i'll get you you're 5 bucks back.

"actually to support the development of POLYRHYTHMUS V2" ... jesus, man. you are a sad person.

(think of all question marks as gedankenstriche, as this fuck is replacing them)

dear errorsmith,
we are not solely talking philosophical equation. i'd like you to try around with this plugin. we're not "recreating" toussaint's algorithm – we're thinking it ahead. if you want a simple, static sub- and sub- and subdivision: build some ableton clips for your needs. i'm glad for any input and discussion– mail me! (mail #at#

look again! (:

(no question mark. sorry(:)

i'll keep it available and free – of course :)

hello george and anivia,
thanks for the info and thanks to anivia for jumping in – i really appreciate it, as i'm currently quite short on time.

generally: i'm working on a new version for polyrhythmus on and off. it's almost finished, but i'd like to give it a last checkup. please continue using this version, how ever some things will be fixed (and many new ones added) in the upcoming update. due to my personal, ongoing balancing act of work and time management i how ever need to consider charging a small fee for it (i'm thinking smth around 5$) – i'm hoping that everone understands this approach.

back to the bug of george: i can't either retrace the problems you are having and measured by all feedback i've gotten from the roughly 12k downloads, i think this may really be a conflict in your setup. be so kind and provide us (anivia and me) with some more details about your system, so we can manage to get this thing up and running for you.

try getting a decent computer :) (/or check your ableton & max versions /or give me a hint on your system so i can possibly maintain this free-of-charge plugin to run on your machine)

hello nextflow – you can currently do this :) next version will exclude that feature, though.

hei folks. here's a teaser for one of very many new features that will be included in the upcoming PR version. there will be tons more (:

sorry that it's taking me so long. trust me that it'll be worth it and the wait will soon end.

working on it :)
it ... might turn out to actually become more of a "polyrhythmus 2" than a 1.1.

one of the few things i'm not working on! hehe (:

( ... max actually gives you a pretty hard time when it comes to click-and-drag stuff.)

hello masaki.
thanks for the kind words (:

i don't fully grasp what you mean. you have to be aware of the following: the arp chords you play are input on the same track the device is sitting on (think: they are played into the "back" of the device and therefore "feed" the arpeggiator-notes). all notes the device outputs (=sequence, arpegiatted (!) and set notes) come out of the back. this is the same principle of live's native arpeggiator (or many other midi-effects, as a matter of fact). if you want to record the output of polyrhythumus, you'll have to make a new midi track and route it to there. that's just the way live works :) read up on it (follow the link) or feel free to drop me a line if you have difficulties. my contact is in the device-description (top of page).
e.g. tut:

hei snotface,

i am currently working on a new version - i've basically rewritten the main portion of code and added a whole lot of new stuff. i've also addressed the undo-bugs (i'm supposing all of them :)). please keep me informed as for this new version after i've release it, and bare with me for a very little longer. thanks!

hello braduro.

i'm glad to hear all the thoughts you have about this device :) to be quite honest, my approach was less "philosophical".

the arpeggiator-idea is good. i've actually tried it and it brings some nice effects (especially when mapped to *rather* tonal percussion such as rims or toms). this is basically the main use for me; use percussive instruments in a more tonal fashion and also do so in a live environment. it's more of an aesthetic, compositional approach for me than a technical one. obviously you could tune a kick to a baseline by "matching" their tune. try it! as you may know this is done occasionally.

as for harmonics: i guess this very much depends on the pad/sample you control. the behaviour though should be the same as with any instrument that has non-linear harmonics; they should pitch proportionally (or?).

as for other parameters: the difference between a pitch- and a e.g. volume knob in live is its range - you are very correct. it would be no big deal to change the range within the plugin, making it compatible with other knobs. i've not yet found the need for this functionality, but i could add it if you want to. obviously, we'd need a rangeselector, then.

hei mediaslinger. i'll be uploading a new version (1.1) with lots of bugfixes and a few new gimmicks very soon. let me know if your problem is fixed, then.

one of us two could consider using different triggers (or adding an option to define them) as users will currently have problems when including this and AUTOMAT on the same track. (

alex. i have not a clue what you are asking.

@rgb3 – thank you for your feedback! i'll add this to the device description for other users to know. it was worrying me as saving works fine in my setup. great to know (:

dearest folks, please consider:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i am currently working on bugfixes and some features you have requested. please keep your comments and wishes coming - anything that comes to your mind is very welcome. if however you'd like to buy me a coffee to stay awake or a beer to find some sleep (i love beer and coffee), i'm gracious for any tiny and informal paypal donation to benni(*AT*)
this device will remain free of charge in any case.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

you should check my 'SAMBA' device (:
will very much consider adding this. but remeber: one obstacle is also to keep the interface tidy.
thank you guys for all this great input.

hello rqb3,

no, this is not intended at all! :0
and it's strange, because it's working fine for me.
please let me know which version of live and max you're on.

furthermore, are you using the preset system (have you saved any presets) when this scenario occurs / the settings are not recalled after reload? a) if so, please run a test without saving presets and see if your last settings are saved in the device b) if you haven't been using (saving) any presets, please do so and tell me if that solved the problem.

thanks alot!

hello rosko,

"You could even have the option to delay every third, fourth etc. no idea how that would turn out musically though. "

> liking that idea pretty much (: .. i'll think about it.

as for the hyakken sequencer: thanks for that. i've read up on it and had actually considered using the method that he has chosen to distribute the sequence's output to different tracks. there are a few options but unfortunately ableton doesn't offer a "perfect" solution (it's all workarounds). anyhow, it's definitely on the top of my list to add this (as i need it urgently, too). i guess we'll just have to try any implementation and see how it works for the crowd. if we find that it's to buggy, we'll try an alternative.

here's the current buglist i'm working on.
please let me know if you find anything else:

> background click locks the device for a few ms
> due to randomization, undo history may be cluttered
> cc number may have strange box overlayed
> somehow reduce all the clicking you have to do :)

also, i'll try to add some of your feature-request.

(@rosko: ... i'm crapping my pants with false pride)

i finally have a minute to reply to some of your comments.
i'm very glad about all of your interaction – it's excellent input!

- - - - - -
first off: if you'd like to be updated about new versions and bugfixes of this (or another)
device, please (informally) drop me a line to mail (at) – i'll (informally) be writing you
if there's anything new (i think it's to bad that you can't really "subscribe" to devices on this portal)

let's go, before my internet dies:
- - - - - -

@rozze: tausend dank (:

@rosko: imagine your e.g. 4 "beats" as decimal number counting from e.g. 1 to 4
(1.0000, 1.0001, ... 3.9999, 4....) the function implemented rounds these numbers.
the outcome turns out to be kind of unpredictable; – therefore i figured "quantize / randomize"
fits the best. it may actually also tend to shuffle a little :) kind of liked it when i found it,
so i kept this algorhythm. you probably shouldn't use it if you want a very logical and predictable composition, but it adds some variety (and weirdness) to your groove. hope you like it – let me know if you see any room for perfection.

@parametex: this is a seriously annoying bug. thank you for pointing it out!
i will spend some time to correct it when i'm back to germany, although my gut feelings
tells me it might be a problem with m4l and our visual feedback. grr. we'll hope and see.

@braduro: great ideas. a) i was thinking about the concept of "swing" and couldn't really
wrap my mind around it. for my experience with (hardware-)sequencers, i could never really
"define" what swing does or how it works. help me out: does it proportionally delay notes?
or does it play them earlier rather than later? b) what is eckel ? c) this is getting embarrassing :) – i have never used an axon sequencer. i'd be glad if you provide me with some links on that.

@kingbritt: we share a mind! the problem with (ableton) live is, it natively doesn't allow a device on
a midi track to "supply" multiple other midi tracks with midi-"stuff" (in other words, you can't natively have polyrhythmus feed multiple tracks / midi channels). BRADURO is on the ball with his tips, although i think this will get very restrictive if you have e.g. 2 sequences playing the same notes on the same velocity. your instrument-rack won't be able to filter / differenciate these two sequences, because – obviously the same "data" is received. there are two possibilities which both have downsides, anyhow both should work. i will definitely add something like this as my very first intention was to control (my own) external gear with a single instance of polyrhythmus, too. also, this again gets me thinking about a standalone (or hybrid live + standalone) version.
will keep my mind on it – drop me a line if you'd like updates.

@braduro: thanks a lot for taking on the support. helping a ton. read my thoughts about your thoughts about "splitting" via a rack above. good concept for unison sequences but not so ideal for sequences that are identical (i at least think)

@wetterberg: currently, each sequence has an "invert" button (next to the edit button). if you press this at the very start (before any step is active), ALL (currently 24 potential) steps will be activated.
from there, you can start turning them off – your newly added steps will therefore be enabled, too (even if still "invisible" / not added). anyhow, i like the idea of auto-enabling new steps independently of the currently visible step's status. will think of a way to implement. on the other hand: maybe other user would find this annoying? i dont know. the clicking is definitely a pain in the arse, although that's just the way (digital) buttons work, i suppose.

- - - - - -
please keep on posting anything that comes to your mind. as mentioned – your contribution is of great help to me.

hello folks.
thanks for all the feedback and your downloads. a few brief words:

1) i'll change the license. my first choice derived from plain stupidity and unknowledge. obviously you should enhance this tool as desired and use its/your 'output' any way you desire.

2) i am currently stuck in the deepest montana on planet earth and have roughly 3 minutes of internet a day. i'll be back in frankfurt, germany by the weekend. please keep your feedback, critique and comments coming. i'll try to get back to every one of you.

3) feel free to mail me. mail (at)

4) thank you, once again.

thanks everybody for the feedback.
please keep it coming and criticise harshly! (:

i will correct all bugs as soon as i have the chance - i'm currently not in germany.

@lek: so kind of you. thanks thanks thanks!

@jekblad: great detail - thanks. i'm not yet completely satisfied with this part of the current gui. will consider and think about it. unfortunately, the space we have is so limited :/
as for the hints: i actually thought of that but kind of just ignored it (on my luxury 27inch screen :)). will def. add that, and maybe a general documentation, too. how is the general performance on the macbook? is it ok?

@anivia: love back!

@rosko: grrrr, you're very right. will try to add a zoom-in-out-button to it.

anything else? lets make this thing as good as possible. also tell me if you miss any features etc.

hei jekblad – thanks for the feedback + kind words.
i am wondering a little: the sequencer-mode of each sequence *should* immediately change the way it runs (meaning if you select e.g. "backwards" your little yellow bar should start running backwards. anyhow, obviously you'll only hear something if there are active steps on this very sequence). is this not working? 'd love to fix it if so (:
i'm glad about any other feedback as you discover more strangenesses :)

hei folks.
i've filled your wishlist and added a little more besides that.
- copy paste from anywhere to anywhere,
- 12 parameters for 12 macros (press little arrow)
- speed-enhancement
- made 12 presets mappable to controllers (now you can really do fun stuff!)

tell me if there's more.

great! this sounds like fun!

damn, man! jeffro! i'm lacking words- thanks so much :)
i'm really loving this max stuff. if there's anything you'd like to see patched (from scratch - for things you see lacking in live or of course within the current devices), tell me!

damn, man! jeffro! i'm lacking words- thanks so much :)
i'm really loving this max stuff. if there's anything you'd like to see patched (from scratch - for things you see lacking in live or of course within the current devices), tell me!

thanks so much, mossby :) i appreciate that you like it!

cool idea!

ps: i was (am?) wondering why nobody else has written something like this, as it is pretty straight forward and seems quite practical. if i should have simply overlooked an existing device similar to this one, i'd be glad to know.

've begun working on that :)
will be placing more macros on different "layers" so the interface stays tidy.

i saw! rad!

any wishes for a new version, anyone?

thanks a ton, mossby! :)

great idea!

great device— makes awesome sounds!
little suggestion: i don't want to be anal, but you should consider using local sends and receives (add a "---" infront of their argument). i was trying to use 2 devices (on 2 different tracks) and they kept passing their tempo ratio to eachother.

hei clickglue,

thanks for your feedback — yes, this is true for now. it is no big effort to make it work in 2 (or more) instances but i haven't yet uploaded a version capable of this. the "transmission" from the midi-input-track to the track holding your (sequencing) clips uses a variable (eg. send data/midi from "xyz" to "xyz"). obviously, every instance of the device is currently using the same variable, so your routing wont work correctly. if you like, i can quickly build another version with a different variable and mail it to you, so in case it is urgent for you, you'll be able use this workaround. for the long term, i'll think up a way to circumvent this.

hi aminomo,

i'm not sure if i completely understand. first off: the device currently only works on basis of midi and the live api (no audio processing etc is involced).

do i get you right: you want a drumrack (?) with sampled chords (eg Am). you want your keyboard to play (or automatically be mapped to) an Am-chord, whenever you play this one sample?

it's a little (quite?) different — it uses (midi-)clips to sequence incoming notes. meaning:
a) you can have as many sequence(r)s as you like
b) they can all vary in length, (step- and) note count
c) you can freely add notes (live) using eg. push, real-time editing your step-sequence
d) you can change quantizations while your sequence is running
e) and a lot more you could think of.

thanks for the kind words!
i'll be updating the device soon. if there's anything you wish to see implemented - let me know :)

thanks for the kind words!
i'll be updating the device soon. if there's anything you wish to see implemented - let me know :)

in case you have any corrections or requests — let me know. i'm pretty new to m4l and it may very well be that this device can be done much better :)

in case you have any corrections or requests — let me know. i'm pretty new to m4l and it may very well be that this device can be done much better :)