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wow. so awesome.

Looks great. Are there any instructions or "How to use" information available?

Audio or video is a must for choosing to purchase for most people.

I'm impressed. Very cool. :)

Very cool. I have been pulling my hair out trying to do some clean sidechaining that doesn't take forever. This is it. Thank you.

... Is this working now? seems like a great idea if working.

Can you map a midi note to cut and paste? example: Control+C

Can this work with other controllers? ie PS3, PS4

Very cool.

I second the question of the last post. Can there be steeper slopes?

"This device is currently not for sale". Only get that statement when trying to download.

thank you

...just curious if this works with Leap motion yet. looks like what I need but read a comment that they had trouble getting it to work.

...Need a bit more info than that before throwing down $68.

I agree with the last post. With Velocity, the amount should remain on the last monitored value when key pressed instead of resetting to one each time. This feature would be very useful as far as velocity is concerned. Thanks for the plugin.

I am using...

Live 9.1.1
Max 6.1.6

...Really excited for this plugin, but can't get sound.

No sound, tried everything. Too bad looked very interesting.