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I see. I was clicking with mouse. Cheers for clearing that up for me.
Cheers :)

Great device.
Seem to be getting a duplicate device when clicking on a slot.
Cheer for the device.

Hi midierror.
I am looking at buying this and the big sky editor.
Do all of the parameters show up on Ableton Push 2?

Kind Regards

It’s stopped working for me on Ableton 10.1.7
Hope there’s a fix. Best sequencer by far.

Yes going to 127 would be great!

Stopped working in live 10. pop-up window not working and can't see fonts :(

Random buttons & arrows have stopped working in Live 9.7.1 :(

Since updating to Live 9 and max 6.2. It dose not fully work for me too. Big shame I love this sequencer.

Wow this sequencer is ace.
I am thinking about buying a doepfer maq16 3, but I have come across this. But it only has 8 steps.
can this be made in to a 16 steps? Or chain two together? This is the only thing I would buy max for.
I don't have a clue how to program max as I am only checking out the demo.
Congratulations. keep it up the good work.