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The chord settings should save when you save your project. The preset system in the actual plugin is ONLY for the randomize settings. Given that live already has a preset system, I felt it was important to just use that.

So basically, yes your chords are saved.

I do not own Imposcar2, but I do own Imposcar1, I tried it and had no problem. Unfortunately I do not know anyone with Imposcar2 that I can try this on. When you rotate the knobs on imposcar2, what is happening with the M4L device? (And given how little of the M4L system I have to use in this plugin, this is certainly strange. Probably some sort of thread contention.)

cosmosray, are you still having the problem? I use a Push and I cannot recreate the same problems on my system. Very very odd. That's the joy of M4L! :)

As a note, I am working on an update with added features. Not sure when it will be done, but I've received a lot of feedback on it that I want to implement....and some new things that are just going to be REALLY fun.

@cosmosray, I am not in my studio at the moment but I will try your settings tomorrow night. I do have a push as well.

I've not had any other feedback of that happening yet, but we'll see. I'll also try the versions you are running.

My first inclination would be note on/note off problems. What happens when you use the keyboard on the computer keys, does that work properly?

I spent a great deal of time with google really exploring chords before I started writing this. I'm hoping myself that in me using this, it pushes me to find other chords and stuff that I have never considered!

And glad you all are having fun with it! I'm glad I could stop playing with it long enough to release it! :) Haha.

It also occurs to me that this can be used as a CC mapper to map any CC coming into a track to control a parameter.