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About antimaterium: Marco Asam born on 09.09.1990 in Starnberg (Germany), also known as Antimaterium, started to Produce at the young age of 17 and DJing under the name Antidot even earlier. As child he visited a lot of places in the world, which influenced him and his music a lot.

The reputation of his underground tracks is growing. The name is derived from Antimatter, which represents the unseeable world, the nothingness or Void. It should remind us that there is much more going on around us, than we can sense and that this unseeable world is changing our whole world immensely every moment. Furthermore it should remind us to live in unity with everything and everyone.

So far his remixes include Track's from Guy Gerber, Gregor Tresher, Fatboy Slim, Henry Saiz, Alle Farben, Booka Shade and Nosaj Thing.

Starting to DJ Techno music in clubs, it was a logic step to start his own Label Gene 9 Records and produce his own kind of music. Focusing on special frequencies.

He is a studio guy and is inside there almost every moment.

Once he has enough to live in a humble manner, he will donate all his money to charity and nature reserve programs.

He is not creating music for money, he does it with his heart and for nature.

Using state of the Art technologies, he tries his best to release a new Track every ninth of each month, for listeners around the globe.
Furthermore he is developing groundbreaking styles with frequencies and tunings never heard before.

His key to good music is Meditation, Nature and Love. Of course hard work is also part of it.

Wishing only the best to all beings, Love, Light, Unity and Peace.

In Lak'ech
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Microtuner Version 2.3

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Hi Xake,

So you are saying u can't see any difference in Spectrum Analyzer when tuning down to 432? This is not possible. What kind of analyzer are you using? Usually the spectrum is the same just more to the left since it is detuned. Just hover with your mouse inside "Spectrum" and there will be a small box in the left corner showing you the exact frequency, note and dB. Basically you can tune just using Spectrum. Although the new Tuner device (Ableton Beta) or Turbotuner (External Tuner) are more accurate. Hope i am understanding you here. If not please be more clear about what you are trying to say.

Thank you.



I think so to. : D

Well you don't have to pay for it. ; )

It is optional.

We all know why I did this. Check Facebook and the Guy who isn't Lance. : )

But I will make 2.2. also available here so you guys don't have to write to me. Although please do if you want to collab or release.


Don't forget to load 2.1 from the dropbox link. What Instrument? External or Internal? Support for exclusive 2.2. Which is only necessary for Ableton beta testers or the very recent update.


New in 2.2:
- under certain conditions settings have not been restored, correct tuning only after "touching" PB range - this is fixed now

Hey there

We modified the Device!!!



Your Marco

Hey It's nice!!! But would be even nicer if you could type in the Frequencies (CP's) exactly, without needing to turn the nob and get a numb hand getting that frequency right. Most of the time you don't get it, its mostly always 10 hz some time only 1 hz above the wanted one. That would be great, really do need that accurateness. Would do it myself but my skills aren't that good yet in max. Have a wonderful dream. Thanks again!

In Lak'ech