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" will add velocity offsets in ver 1.1"

I am so exited to try 1.1 :)

Broken here:

It would be nice If we could have offsets between parameters

When I save a Project and recall it, it is broken after reloading the project.

You have to touch the degrade numbox in order to make it function again.

btw what is that CubDeg2.maxpat ?

When Opening the Floating windows the whole Live GUI gets slowed down to time lap view :)

Just bought it
here is my impression:
* its slow, spectrum drawing is very slow here.
If you lie to display a kick and a snare together, the spectrum display just flashes very short, but its very hard to see anything usefull.

Probably add a kind of falloff time ?

But for 5 bucks its ok ;)

Link to download is broken

And again me :) I just modified the patch to use a number box for entering the range for each parameter.
Now I an can enter even inversed ranges :)

To be able to inverse the direction would be nice tho.
eg: instead of 0 to 100, inverse it to 100 to 0

>It would be nice to be able to map multiple parameters to >one macro knob.

Just add this effect to a Instrument Rack and Map 2 Parameters to one Macro :) Event Offsets working this way !

Very Nice ! Thank You VERY much !

>It would be nice to be able to map multiple parameters to >one macro knob. Like with ableton macros/midi mappings.
It would also be nice if there would be a way to offset multiple targets somehow. eg when controlling filter env sustain + decay slope

Tweaking the Volumes with Push leads to random jumps ?!

Interesting related article:

Here is the solution which I have created for myself :

solution for the Menu discussed here:

User a instead of the umenau and it will save the sate with a Live set :)

Is there any Microtuner which can retune individual Keys ?

Do VST Instruments support this specs ?