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Manual MIDI Mapper 1.1 by tonymorton works in Live 11 +

GUI appears broken in live 11?

thank you @SimonR for your time and awesome coding effort !

Thank you Simon! It's a problem forsure as it's also the native ableton essentials version too. Live 11.3 beta same issue. Confused how such basic functionality could be overlooked. It's deffo a sync issue - appreciate your efforts - hope this post serves the group interest :)

please help :) experienced ableton user here ....

this is such a great device - but no matter what (when I freeze the track or bounce out the audio):

- playback of sync or just behaving randomly even just on a single track with simpler

- Same issue with the live essentials version

What am I missing here?

great device - the only one that actually works! thank you :)

thanks this is so much easier to use with the enveloper waveform feedback 10/10 MUCH APPRECIATED