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Great device!

Some more wishes for the M4L santa:
1. Resizeable window where the macros can get bigger (I always found it very difficult to have to look at these small macro labels)
2. The ability to align the macro knobs in the floating window (that's a special one for the OCD crowd out here)
Here's a DIY solution. Cutting out those holes in the paper seems like it will cost me a lot of pain though. :D

Hi, the device works fine on 11.25.

Have you encountered an elegant solution to the 'label' problem of the MFT ever since?

Your device is great but I wish there was some more sexy way. :D

Immense gratitude goes to you! I've been looking for a device which cab separate the MPE data from a single note for some time now. And it's for free... what an amazing gift.

I'm planning to map the pressure off a few notes of my launchpad pro to control a few synth parameters while playing a midi keyboard.