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StateVariableSplit Version 1.0
LoHiShelf Version 1.0
St.ascade Version 1.0
MidiSend Version 1.0
St.ello Version 0.5
St.pace Version 1.0
St.Cross Version 1.0

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I am back in business, a job gave me a Live installation, I'll go on...

Another note, please download also the device from here, as otherwise the counter doesn't count...;-)

The link should directly download the zip. (Just tested again and it works for me...)
If that doesn't work for you, you should be able to ctrl-click and save as or go to my blog ...

For me its the same, a 13" MacBook is probably one of the most used computers for Live. I modified it for my needs though, I can access the hidden controls now...;-)
And yes, its a great piece of synth...


@eltnet have a look at my MidiSend device it could be a solution...

@all unfortunately after the beta phase I had no money to purchase Live, thus the development with MaxForLive is stalled at the moment. Though I am still busy with Max/MSP as I've been for many years. The port of my Ondes Memorielles has to wait...

If you really like my work, you can send a donation via MoneyBookers.
I'll collect it all to purchase a Live license. You could also buy a CD of my music, I just republished an old CD of mine... You'll find the links at my blog: