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About Stevon: Musician, Max-Programmer and VJ from Hamburg, Germany.
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Devices by Stevon

MS-Matrix Version 1.0
Arm Version 1.0
Track Status Version 1.0
Tap Tempo Quantize Version 1.0
Metronome Follow Link Version 1.0
Converter Tools Version 1.0
Auto Filter Key Control Version 1.0
Vocoder Noise Control Version 1.0
Dispersion Version 1.0
LFO CPU-optimized Version 1.0
Arp Interpol Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 0

Comments by Stevon


Hey, I just downloaded your device. I think there is a little bug because the Left and Right Channel are not flipped in Phase so there is actually no Stereo Widening going on, just changing the Amplitude in Mono.

@MaxDetal yeah I might add that to the device as well!

Until then you could have a look at my device "ARM" which should solve your problem


Pretty cool! Working on a Disperser Device myself atm.
I very like the simple UI

Im actually missing the mc.dcblock object when im opening the device.

Greetings from Germany

Hey, the file for the Poly~ Patcher is missing.

You guys are totally right! The problem only appeared on the english version of my website, so i couldn´t recreate the problem at first.
Thanks for reporting! Fixed it now

Hey Rob,
the Link directs you to my Website where all my devices are availible. Auto Looper is just the First one showing up on the list. Try scrolling down and you should see all the other ones too.
But thanks for reporting. Maybe i should change that part on my Webdesign.