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yep Max 8 Live suite

No sound
I see a bunch of errors in Max Console
Running Live 10.0.1

Great work it's just what i've been looking for, simple (to use) multi oscillator kick machine.
Just made my first Sine /Triangle kick and it's just fabulous.
Thanks again mate.

It is not saving settings with project, not a deal breaker tho

Yeh...what he said ⬆︎⬆︎

I've built some monster drum racks with this awesome device.
Thankyou :)

Thanks for your hard work i find it very useful on filtering percussion

Looks great but i'm not getting any sound.

I'm seeing a bunch of errors in Max console:
poly . no patchertest.maxpat
poly . patchcord inlet out of range:deleting patchcord