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I'm sorry for the newbie question, but when I Ctrl+Click to edit the coll list, the file that I save contains no text when I load it in Notepad/Wordpad. Am I missing something obvious, perhaps?

Thank you!

This device is SUPREME! Thank you for being Tom Cosm.

I have not had any issues with the curves saving within my Audio Effect Rack. The curves that I setuo stay there when I save thee Audio Effect Rack containing the "Multi Parameter Curves 2.0" M4L device

I am using Live 10.1.9. 5 Stars.

I am running Live v10.1.9 and Max v8.1.2 on Windows 10.

I was able to patch in an easy fix but I've never used Max editor before now. The patch I created goes right before the beginning of your device and right after the "midin" - all it does is decrease the mid note by 3 octaves (36 semitones).

Also, the "Major Pentatonic" and "Minor Pentatonic" scales need to have their labels switched with each other. I wish I was not such a newbie with Max but I can't figure out how to fix the labels for the scales.

The concept is great but there are definitely a few bugs.

1. It transposes the incoming root note up from a C to a D note.
2. Certain scales jump octave way up
3. The lowest octave is about 4 octaves to high (not truly C-2)

Any fixes would be awesome!