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Advanced Step Sequencer Version 2.0

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Hi all,

An update, nothing groundbreaking, but big enough to call v2. MIDI CC sequencers have been replaced with direct parameter control. Much more flexible for any automation within Live. Enjoy.


Hi all,

Random buttons are now working in Live 9.

- Rozzer

covent - see the comment above yours.

I tend to just record the output to a midi clip when I'm happy with the sequence.

I do want to think more about live performance features though so I'll bear your request in mind. Another thing I want to add is transposition via midi input, so you could transpose the whole sequence, but still have it output in the correct key and scale.

Thanks for the suggestions mdrfdr. Patches would be nice, but it seems that the Preset object does not support live.grid at this time. I've been told Ableton will fix that at some point.

What do you mean by adding clips?

Hi pp. Absolutely, I am aware that needs doing. Pure laziness on my part. Will fix in an update soon :)

Very handy, thanks :)