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About RedBeats: Electronic Music Production, Synthesis & Sound Design. Ableton/Max4Live longtime user, beta tester and software developer.

Red Beats is my Electronic Music project. Cygnus Red Music is my Studio/Publishing Label with Broadcast Music Incorporated. I am a Songwriter, Composer, and Publisher within the BMI Group. I write, record & produce my music in Ableton Live 9/Max. Everything I do is 100% original.

I create a lot of devices I'd like to share so here I am! All my original synthesizers and effects can be downloaded via my
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Devices by RedBeats

Cygnus Red Multiband Compression Pack Version 1.0
Dark Synth Entropic Pack Version 1.0
Problems Random Drum Machine Version 1.0
SIXs Synth and Effects Unit for OSCiLLOT Version 1.0
Max4Live Essential Multiples Rack MegaSynth Version 1.6
The Model Physical Modeling Synth for OSCiLLOT Version 1.1
FM Thug Phase-Bashed Packet Synth for OSCiLLOT Version 1.0
On The Run Synthi OSCiLLOT Patch Version 1.2
DSI Prophet 12 Ableton Arpeggiator Rack Version 1.1
Digital Synth Adding Waves Pack Version 1.0
XPads Modular Poly-Synth for OSCiLLOT Version 1.0
Granulator II Europack BETA Version 1.1

Total Downloads: 36

Comments by RedBeats


very cool device!

Second that... Excellent work cvolm.

OSCiLLOT is worth the hundy... I'll try and get some samples up. It is just a very aggressive, overdriven, wave-folding synth.

Genius stuff... As a MB owner this is real damn close. Great work sir.

Very cool synth. Great work!!! I started mapping the two wavetables and got some sweet results.

Excellent work. Very useable, musical delay/echo.


Yes it is.