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About NickHydeViolin: Nick Hyde, a mad scientist of the violin, creates max for live devices aiding in the use of MIDI Violin, using unique MIDI controllers, and live looping within Ableton.
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Devices by NickHydeViolin

Clip Quantize Mapper Version 1.1
Navigation Mapper Version 1.0
Dial to MIDI CC Version 1.0
Automatic Quantization Changer Version 1.0
View Toggler Version 1.0
Track Flasher Version 1.0
Pitch Bend Dial Version 1.0
Live Color Dancer Version 1.0
Routing Mapper Version 1.0
Volume Spike to MIDI Note Version 1.0
Advanced Quantizer Version 1.0
Block Piano Roll Overwrite Version 1.0
Dynamic Navigation Controller Version 1.1
Clip Length Recorder Version 1.0
Auto View Toggler Version 1.0
Button Parameter Mapper Version 2.0
Name To Clip ID Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 317

Comments by NickHydeViolin


The sync seems to be off broken. It seems to go out of sync randomly, but I can easily replicate it by just repeatedly hitting the play button in live.

I'm a max developer but I cannot easily look at the code and fix it myself, because there seems to be a lot of code to make it sync properly, even though it should be able to be accomplished easily via plugsync~ and some mod math

@Panosla Simply put, loading this device onto a track, and recording a new clip in a clipslot of the track the device is loaded onto, doesn't work. It just records. Looking at the code, nothing seems to be even keeping track of the Ableton clock, time signature, or tempo, so I'm not even sure how it's supposed to record a clip of fixed bar length? I'm on the latest version of Ableton and Max.

I've got a similar working function in an unreleased device, so this peaked my interested. However, I drag it onto a track, record a clip, and nothing happens? Doesn't seem to work... or am I missing something?

@hangarsliquides You can use 3 instances of this device on a single track to, for example, MIDI map 6 different track input/outputs to.

@Stromkraft This device will work in arrangement view, yes, though I built this as a session view live looping tool. Loop start/end quantizations - if you mean global quantization, yes this is affected.

Hi there! I slightly modified this device to recognize MIDI CC and pitch bend automation, so I could map those input parameters to dials.

A video of it in action with pitch bend is here: