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Hey, is this a reverse delay only or can it be used to reverse audio in "real time". I'd love to have something like initial audio reverser and wasn't sure if this plugin can be used for that.

Thank you so very much. I was building such devices myself but then found your solution which is much better.

This sounds like a very creative idea. Will test it out as soon as 10.1 will be stable. Thanks!

Thanks for this device! It's really great!

What do you think about adding MIDI learn to it so you could save the MIDI mapping in a custom preset (thinking about using it with the Behringer BCR2000)

Thank you so much for your device! Would it be ok if I would fork it (add 7 banks of 8 CC mappings each to be able to map the Behringer BCR2000 with it.

Thanks for this device!

The link above is broken, for everyone searching for this M4L device, I could download it for free from here: