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Hej, thanks for the great work!!

Is there a way to save a drumpatch i made in your enviroment to the preset system of microtonic?

I really love the idea of creating 8 sounds that work as a nice drumset and store them as a whole (and later morphing between them... - but i already read about the difficulties in the comments..)

So for now i thought to use your system to come up with ideas and store them in the microtonic folders to use later in more performative situations..

thanks for the help!

(Another question: Isn't it possible to access the parameters of each drumpad in one vst instance inside max for live?
like this one could use the drumpad only for sending specific midinotes - via a small max device - and just one instance of the vst inside another max device which would allow the use of the microtonic preset system and the build in morph function..)

Hej, thanks for the great work!

I'm using the device regularly but what keeps freaking me out is that that undo bug.

I hope you find some time to fix that. It would so great!