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love your music !!!

"once you've mapped an effect to this, if you move that effect around... the parameter mappings from this controller to that effect might not still remain."

i know this effect and i think there is a workaround. something like

1. register when this device has been moved. You can use the path-object for it: It outputs the same ID (as before), when ever the path has changed.

2. And then you save the changed path and restore this path when the project loads.

good luck.

I really like this LineFO. thank you

Here are two bugs i've found during testing the device:
1. for some parameters the maximum modulation range (0-127 in the LinFO) does not match with the available range of the modulated parameter. for axample: the parameters of "auto filter" (attack, decay, frequency, etc.)

2. It seems to be no problem to move a device with a modulated parameter to different locations, but if you save your live project and open it again a parameter from a different device is being modulated, which has the same live path as the one from the beginning. clear ?