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I love these tools. I love them so much that I made a video about setting up a basic session for using these for quadraphonic sound. With dublab and the NEA I also made a plugin that allows you to make quad vinyl (and a lot more) as well as a grant opportunity to #MakeMusicInSpace. I'm sure a lot of you will do some mind-blowing stuff.

If you're a user of Audio Matrix to be able to group spatial tracks, have you noticed that Group effects don't work? My work around it just to put the same effect on each track. It eats CPU but it's better than nothing... alternative is to do some funny routing with returns but that can effect soloing, depending on what you got going on. Sigh...

Hi there is anyone else having problems printing Track Mixer Automation when routing through Panner "Speaker" on/off and "Track Volume." The Mixer section seems to work but any changes in automation for the entire mixer automation section plays fine through Live but doesn't print when exporting. I'm able to get around this by automating the "Gain" in the Audio Routes Panner. I also see the same issue when automating Group Mixer Automation, using Audio Matrix to route the group. What's strange is playing back trough Live is fine, it's just when exporting.