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For AUDIO version:
Device works great but the audio will pass through ALL chains. I am trying to use this to select different audio chains of effects but all chains will pass the "clean" signal. I would like only the selected chain to pass audio.

I put all chains on zero because thats the only way this device will turn their effects on/off. With that, the audio will always be heard through all of them at the same time.

I can see how this would be great for Midi, though!!

Amazing devices! However, any/all of the .als files crash my live set if I drag/drop them from the Ableton Browser onto the top of the tracks area (where the mouse allows you to load an als inside another set). Tried on 10.1.9 Suite and 10.1.13b Beta.

The .als files load fine if you do not have Ableton running and you just load them by double clicking them to invoke Ableton Live to start up.

The .amxd's will load just fine on their own within an existing set.

Pointing this out in case anyone else ran into this issue!