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Great unique tool, awesome work!

Only thing is I would like to be able to log into my youtube account for access to my saved playlists. But when I try and log in, it states that I am using an unsupported browser, and need to refresh (not sure how I refresh the page on this device). Any way to make this work?

I've been looking for a gosh darn LFO with this functionality ever since I discovered it on my Digitakt. Thank you!!!!!!

Everything is great EXCEPT:

There is a 16th note delay for the playback to start, and it seems that I can't simply arrange the notes a 16th note late to fix it either. Can't really explain why, but the sync of the device seems to be a bit off.

Other than that, I'm loving the sounds I'm getting out of this thing. Minimal effort and complex results: )

Very good idea, Thank you!