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great tool. sounds very musical!! thnks so much.

i got one question. i cant macro map the amount dial. is this a bug or is it just not possible?

no problem if its just not possible. thnks again!!!

did want to answer on you debug since ages...

time division bug is gone. I guess the renaming fixed the problem. by far the best arp I know. thnx so much!!!!!

arp control would be my go to arp in every set.

sadly it keeps changing the time division when reopening a project. 16th becoming 4th for example. It is still written 16th though, just playing 4th. Like, behind the UI, it would play the original arp device where the values are flipped compared to the arp control.

Would be so great if there was a fix cause the arp has all I need. no more no less :)

JGJP-CCmapper12-v2 has the same functionality but doesnt reset the values. so no need for update :)

There is just one thing which is a bit inconvenient.

When I reopen a project or load a rack, Manual Mapper resets all its values to zero. Because I just use it with the SFC-5 Controller, it's not a big thing. I can send all values of the knobs to ableton at once. Its just that I can't save presets of the Synth. But hey, like this I get a even realer oldschool analog experience ;)

As I wrote, I am really happy with the tool as it is :) thnx again!!!

thnx so much!!! now I can map the SoundForce SFC-5 to Ableton-Instruments and save the mappings within the rack ^.^ Hope this smart little tool will work for years to come :) Let me know if i can donate somehow.

Such a great Arp!!! I really love how you extended the functionality and still kept it simple.

Unfortunately I got a strange glitch recently.
When i reopened a project after a couple of days your arp was replaced by the Arp from the Essentials Bundle. Funny thing is on the UI it was written 1/16 but it played 1/4 (and 1/4 where 1/16) It looks like your "Arp Control" kinda still was there.

Will let you know if it happens again...