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DNA Dynamic Note Arranger Generative Midi Device Version 4.0

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Hi Braduro,
Many thanks for your interest in my device. This is my first one, so it is lovely to hear that there are so many of you interested in using it!
I removed the mangle button as it was pretty much redundant, as you can simply select what you wish to randomise using the menu. It helped me to save some space.
“New” indeed flushes the note buffer, and then you have localised clears on record mode.

Go tells the device to generate midi. This is there to allow to user to play in notes with or without hearing the generated notes as well. Sometimes generating while inputting can be off putting.

The sequencer always moves in a linear fashion. Indeed, drunk and random relate to the order of notes stored in each steps capacity.

Hope this helps! And im open to more suggestions of functionality and improvements!



Please see the latest update guys!

Thanks for the feedback Jimlette! Glad you are enjoying the device! I am aware the interface and functions could be improved further. Ill be uploading a new version very soon!