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Devices by ElisabethHomeland

Soundtoys Wrapper Version 1.0
Arturia Wrappers Version 1.0
Varispeed for Ableton Live Version 1.2
Visual Browser Version 2.0
AnalogObsession Wrapper FREE Version 1.0
Gainstage Snapshots Version 1.0
Latency Free Recorder Version 1.0
ValhallaWrapper Version 1.0
FREE LFO For Push Version 1.0
Varispeed Version 2.0
Kilohearts Wrapper Version 1.0
Touch Me - FREE Version 1.0
Visual Browser Version 1.0
Varispeed For Live Version 3.0
VisualBrowser 2.2 Version 2.2
Re-Record Version 1.0
Arturia Wrapper Version 1.0
Arturia Wrapper Version 1.0
AnalogObsession Wrapper 2nd - FetSnap Version 1.0
Latency Fixer Version 1.0
Visual Browser Version 2.5
Dim Solo - Solo In Front Version 1.0
Toggle Suite Version 1.0
Dim Solo Version 1.1
TouchMe Version 2.0
Goodhertz Wrapper Version 1.0

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Comments by ElisabethHomeland


Hey Tabula,

Yes I plan to create a new version soon that has the Live 12 features! : )

Cheers, Nándor

Yeah yesterday someone already suggested this, and It's a fantastic idea!! I'll look into it and see if I can implement it into the next update!


You have to go trough them manually, sadly I can't create a workaround for that limitation for now.

I'm glad you're having fun with it : )

Just simply drop the device into one of the tracks.

The plugin is loaded "inside" the max patch, so you don't have to do anything extra.

That's the plan! Every few weeks I'll add a wrapper to this pack for free :)

It's Alright : D I hope you're gonna love it!

You're Welcome?


Sadly it's not possible at the moment...

Yesterday I updated all the wrappers! Now the bug you mentioned should be solved! :)

Hey shinytheshiny

Now you have it :)

Hey pickapiperbrad,

I'll release a fix for that in the following days! thank you for pointing that out to me! :)

I just did! Thank you for reminding me! :) I forgot it.

I hope you're gonna use them a lot :)

Also there's a FAQ file with the downloads where I wrote some instructions what you need to do in this case...

Hello Andrew,

That means that Max can't load the plugin properly. Please Write an email for me to so I can help you with that :)

Hey Moody!

Thank you for your kind words,
Version 2 is almost ready, and It will be more flexible and easier to use :)

(also this device is not free it's 10 bucks, I don't know where you got it free :D )

Thank you Jan,
I'll look into it!

Not really the live.object adds the parameter selection to the undo history but that's about it. the actual parameter modulation makes only one undo step.

Happy holidays for you too :)

Yeah thats kind of intensional :D
Thank you, I'm happy that you like it :)


My first guess is that you use mixed versions of the plugins (some are vst some are vst3 or au) with one of the wrapper types

Can you send me an email to so we can solve it? :)

Hey Zengel!

theoretically it's possible I don't have diva so i had to try with massive x and arturia dx7 instead
But yeah I could access more than 2000 parameters in each plugins :D

but honestly that would be a really hard work to create a wrapper for them, you don't just simply connect a live.dial object to every parameter, you also have to create a system thet let them comunicate in both direction, and also you have to create an user interface for live that of course has it's hight limitations, and other stuff.


That would take a lot of work to implement it into each device, and i'm not sure how many people would benefit from it.

But what about a separete device that randomize every parameter of the device - plugin after it?

I Think that would be doable.