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Strymon Timeline Control Device Version 2.5
FCB1010 Looper control Version 1.2
Strymon BigSky Control Device Version 1.1

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That's a good idea, nice job.

Nevermind. found a way "new&view"

Thanks for Loopo. I find myself wanting a simpler device that works more like Live's Audio Looper but for midi. I like that Loopo auto places the data on a clip (which Looper doesn't do and can't do via midi mapping - only mouse drag and drop).

My use case is recording an initial drum loop via drum triggers and wanting to be able to edit the notes and change the sounds (hence the need for a midi looper). This is the closest I've seen, but I can't get it to work consistently and the automatic loopo mode changes are problematic for my workflow (try clip, clear, restart).

I also find that Loopo doesn't always "hear" my midi note that triggers the Record button to close the loop.

I've tried editing it for my personal use, but the patcher windows LOOPO_1.3 doesn't have a menu bar, nor can I resize it. I assume this is intentional, but is there a way for me to change this? documentation and searches online haven't helped.

Live puts on the undo stack every event Max does unless the max patch/feature is coded specifically to tell Live not to track the event. And Live also puts every event on undo that you do in Live. I haven't specifically coded the undo to just be "delete last recorded clip." It literally triggers the Live Undo. So if you do anything between the completion of the clip and the undo, it will undo that extra event(s) first. If you hit Undo multiple times, eventually it will undo the clip recording. You'd have to write your own mod of my patch to have the Undo button actually do a "clip delete" rather than "undo last Live Event

version is listed above. 6.1.2


Well, you can always change your fcb to use 127. But no, i dont know why. I didnt lock anything, so human error would seem likely though I cant imagine what it would be. Havent looked at this since I posted it as I dont use the fcb anymore

BTW, that version is for the Big 3 control (mobius, timeline, bigsky).

I'm a little surprised, but I never use the Time setting directly - I only ever use tap tempo, so I suppose it's possible. If you understand Max at all, it should be easy to find the knob in the editor and see what's going on. I've stopped updating this device because I've started using Max directly since Ableton and therefore MaxForLive doesn't support sending/receiving Sysex messages. I have a Max standalone version at

I'm not surprised that a Push knob set to control a max button doesn't work. Good luck figuring it out. If I were trying to solve this, I'd probably not map the buttons, but instead map a Knob to the patch select menu and see if that works.


I figured it out, but I don't have time to go through everything. The answer is to select one (or more controls) that you want to see on the Push, pull up the Inspector (menu Window Inspector) and modify the setting "Parameter Visibility" to the value "Automated and Stored"

Then the params show up on the Push. I think the tricky bit will be to script the process of having JUST the specific controls (global and selected reverb type) appear. Otherwise all controls appear at all times and that's a little too much.

Not sure I'll update the patch for this as I'm not using my Push this way, but feel free.

I've not looked at Push control, so I'm not sure what the issue might be. I've been using the Mira/IPad combination for remote control.

This patcher started as a Copy & Modify from the Timeline Control so there's nothing obviously different in the underlying implementation that should have changed. If I have time in the next week, I'll take a look.

awdwon - thanks for the feedback. I hadn't tried controlling from Push yet, so I'm glad it worked well.

Updated to 2.3 which now supports Mira for iPad, updates controls after patch change in firmware 1.43.

Also see my BigSky control as well.

@strophe - it's a simple matter to map (using Live midi-map mode) a midi button to a looper control. You can also develop a more sophisticated solution using live API in Max to control a looper using the device object. I have done a lot of work in my private patch but its a very large combination of multiple purposes and wouldn't make sense to post as it's unique to my workflow and available pedals (such as strymon timeline). So I'll leave it to you to work out your needs for controlling a looper device.

As it says above, you have to program your FCB1010 patch 00 pedals 1-10 to midi notes 0-9 respectively. You have to set the Live channel that holds the plug-in to the midi in of your FCB1010 and of course Record enable for Live to pass midi to the effect. Beyond that you're on your own.

Just posted (should be the last one) a newer file (still under the 1.4 version). I found 2 bugs -
one caused by a strymon documentation error (dual time 2 was missing the 2/1 ratio)
And one caused by me (dtape low contour wasn't connected)

New version posted 1.4 update (just uploaded a newer version of 1.4 - it's functionally the same, but I cleaned up some of the diagrams by simplifying - still in the learning curve).

Comments welcomed.


I have next and previous working (and a "random" button for picking a patch randomly). But it doesn't start at the current program (Strymon haven't provided an "increment/decrement" patch function and no way to query what the current patch number is - as far as I can tell).

I'm trying to get the dials to update when a patch changes, but it's proving to be more difficult than I would have thought. I'm close, but some values are updated and then overwritten with a different value.. I'm hoping to work on this some more in the near future and post an update.