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About Askondo: Working with Ableton and Max for about two decades now.
Working at Ableton technical support for 6 years
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-ASK- Meta Macro 8x Version 2.0
-ASK- Gain Changer Version 1.1
-ASK- EQ8 Tuner Version 1.1

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Thanks for your feedback.

A Random Button should be easy to implement.
I'll consider it for the next update!


Hey there, thanks for the kudos!

It's planned to display the current value(of the corresponding parameter at the mapped macro position) for the extended envelope editor in the floating view.

So basically when you move the macro knob you see the translated value.

Unfortunately, it relies on unofficial M4L API calls so it comes with the caveat of printing a lot of warnings in the M4L console.

I'll post an upgrade on gumroad soon.