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From all the M4L devices here regarding the Bass Station II, this one is actually working great. Nice job and the patch itself is very organized!

I've mapped the midi CCs to the Bass Station but the switches I'm still not able to get them to respond once I mapped them.

This behaviour happened on all devices here, not sure if this is a limitation of the Bass Station II itself but for now I left all the switches unmapped.

If you make a version where also the switches can be mapped I'll definilty buy it.

Tried finding your contact on the gumroad site but couldn't get it. Here's my email in case you decide to add these features. Already subscribed btw :)
Good work, and have a great 2021.

Nice! Any change of also adding dotted intervals and Swing amount?
Anyway great work :)

Hi Patrick,

I'm running 9.7.5 and I use 8 instances of this DSP, 1 in each track.

I've been getting some random crashes when the Sustain is ON. It may not crash quite after I turn ir on but eventually after a few seconds or even minutes it will.

Btw has anyone else experienced this?



I used to had this device but somwhere during Live 9.7 with Max 7 I started to get some crashed (specially in Windows 10) and unfortunatly I had to removed it from my set.

Anyway is this version working good for 9.7.5?

The groove works perfectly but when starting to record a clip live freezes. I'm using Live 9.7.5 could you please update this device? This is really one of my favourite devices for when working with generative beats :)

You are the man! This simple device saved my life. :)

I wished I've seen this in September! Had to find my way throughout Clyphx to make this work too. Anyway great work Tom :)

Btw is it possible to make a plug that disables any automation being recorded in the MidiCTR?

I ask this because I'm automating the Mod wheel with a m4l device that's is locked to CC1 so everythime I record automation it gets recorded also in the Mod-Wheel under the midiCTR. So what happens is that I have to delete it from there everytime.

The reason why I prefer automating Mod-wheel in a device rather then in the midictr has to do with not being possible to reset midiCTR values from Clyphx.

Try to run this on macOS live 9.7 and it crashes. Also in the menu there isn't an option for selecting Mode: Timestrech

Any updates on this?

ahahah xD

Another awesome device PatrickDSP. Thank you :)

This is a great stutterFX. I'm testing it on my vocals right now and it's great :) Reminds me back in the days when using Livecut. But as Anivia said I would love to see this with a sync option to make some glitchy beats.

Let me know if you're planning on adding this in the near future.

All the best :)

Hi! First of all great work man :)

I was wondering if there is a way to map the panic/reset buttons to a key or midi and if so is there anyway that when i press it it defaults to a default program such as [Bank=0; Sub Bank=0; Program=33].

The reason for this is because sometimes during live performance sometimes Ableton doesn't load the proper program (I'm using Massive btw as my main synth) and because of that i must have a safe button to instantly change the program to a safe one.