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About Altmuse: Live Electronic Percussion and Interactive Video
A "Los Angeles' new music Luminary, infinitely variable, infinitely fascinating" - Los Angeles Times. Amy Knoles has spent her career attempting to redefine the crossroads
of music composition, multimedia art, and technology. Her solo works draw
on a huge variety of source material from throughout history, language and
culture as well as from her own personal imagination. Medieval polyphony,
modern urban rhythms, atonal deconstructions and classic melodies have all
been filtered through the lens of her idiosyncratic voice at one time or
another. Knoles's ability to invent both high and low-tech methods of
constructing musical and multimedia experiences as well as her virtuosity
as a percussionist make for an ideal blend. Her work has been described as being of "frightening beauty, fascinating, complex" - N.P.R.

Amy has received major awards from Meet The Composer (2006), American Composers Forum (2005 & 2007 & 2009), Durfee Foundation (2003), UNESCO (2001), C.O.L.A. (2001), Lester Horton (2001), and was the 1996 ASCAP Foundation " Composer-in-Residence at the Music Center of Los Angeles”. Amy has been the Executive Director of the California E.A.R. Unit for thirty years (2011 Chamber Music America/ASCAP Award for “Adventurous Programming” and the “Letter of Distinction” from the American Music Center in 1999), and has recently created the department of Electronic Percussion for CalArts. Recording over 30 CDs of new music, she has worked with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Kronos Quartet, Pierre Boulez, Rachel Rosenthal, LA Master Chorale, NatPlast, Squint, Ensemble Modern of Frankfurt, The Bang On A Can All Stars; Composers: Cage, Carter, Feldman, Knowles, Andriessen, Kagel, Wourinen, Wolfe, Preston, Zappa, Subotnick, Reich, Machover, Flea, Jones, and many others.
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Figured out how to get it to 64 notes:
Message: nstep $1 output to in of Live.stepper UI
Live.number: set range(in inspector) to 1. 64.

Now searching for how to reset it to 1 on the fly....????

This is fantastic! Been trying to re-create what the DrumKat can do and further: 128 notes in a row triggered by one pad stepping thru with velocity and duration as one goes. 4 note chords built on one pad, another pad can cause a prescribed transposition scheme that effects other alternating pads and chord pads, etc...Your patch is the jumping off point for me. I will study iy deeply :}
Somewhere I saw that this was a legacy device and it was recommended that Mono.stepper was the proper replacement. Mono stepper just "Runs" and does not seem to take midi input to trigger each iteration...nothing like yours. Is yours stable in Live9?
I seem to be getting some errant polyphony (diads)but have just begun to explore it.
Thanks again!!!