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alien again again

java page say everything is OK but in Max Window still Unable to Create JVM

Hello Alien again.
Have informed me what JVM is. Did the JVM on the Java page tested. Java page says everything ok.

In the Max window

Under Message: Unable to create JVM

Under Object: live object,
under Message: call set_mode 2: no vaild object set

the red-backed now I just texted

Help, I'm new to monomeemu land
I have two computer in the studio and a laptop on the road the same versions, etc., only windows on it is different, studio w7, laptop xp. So everything istalliert on both computer and copied all the same. 7up2.0.4 and monomeemu 096a5 my studio computer with w7 works perfect with monomeemu, 7up stepper goes looper all

my laptop XP>> start 7 up and monomeemu click on monomeemu to LP1, the light runs once around the outside autoconect also runs all right. I can not choose the multicolor device, I click on start connection and I'm still waiting for the 7

w7 on my pc, I can choose multicolor, and also see the 7 on my launchpad


use a translator I hope you understand that