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FCB1010 - Program Change to Midi Notes translator Version 1.0
Endless Note with choke - Version 1.2
Dmx Ableton Colorpicker Version 0.1
Velo2MidiCC - Velocity to Midi CC Version 1.0
DMXable ColorFade 0.1 Version 0.1
SPD SX Kit selector Version 1.0
Note to Chords - with scales and velocity Version 1.1
SPD SX move scenes up and down Version 1.0
Clavia Nord Drum 3P Editor Version 1.2
Nord Drum 3P Editor RevDel for Ableton Live Version 1.2
Note Toggle Drumrack Loop Version 1.4
Midi Pitch jump Version 1.1
BopPad Status Viewer Version 1.0
Toggle Loop in Drumrack Version 1.4
SPD SX Kit selector Version 1.0
BopPad Preset - pick from Ableton Live Version 1.0
Round Robin AbletonDrummer V1 Version 1.0
Metronome ON Version 1.0
Velocity Curve Editor Version 1.1
Note to MAP Version 1.0
Velo2VolcaD Version 1.0
HiHat Scaler and Map OR MIDI CC scaler and map Version 1.0
SPD-SX Control Master Effects Version 1.0
Roland SPD-SX Control Master Effects Version 1.0
Korg Volca Drum Editor Version 1.0
Melody Trigger V1 Version 1.0

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@Elektropop - Yep. So once you have MIDI notes after the device you might want to use those to remote things in Ableton Live. For this you would need to send those out (Via MIDI TO) and receive those as incoming MIDI via a REMOTE IN port. You could set up some virtual MIDI connection for this. On Mac this is integrated and is called IAC driver/WIN would need another app like LoopMIDI. BUT! If you want to set up some control via FCB1010 to MIDI remote stuff in Ableton Live, I would just change the MIDI being send from your FCB1010 to MIDI notes, this would be the most clean and obvious way for a set up here.

Hey - this is a geat patch! Thx!!!
I wrote a small patch which can be used with your patch, especially if people don't know how or don't want to change their FCB1010 (default) settings. It translate the PgrmChange which is sent by the FCB1010 if it is set to the factory presets (and the CC numbers of the pedals) into the right Midi Notes for your patch. Maybe you want to implement in your patch? Cheers Tobi