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CC Boy Version 0.8
X faderer Version 0.1
Mute Groupy Version 0.31
Solo Groupy Version 1.0
Armed Groupy Version 0.32
Selected track Gizmo Version 1.2
BPM Slide Version 1.0

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Any chance this will work with 'Places' too?

did you turn it on ?

yeah the bars on the right ...

are really only useful if you want to map to the whole 128 cc range easily by having 8 of these on a track...
auto mapping a device to a 16 range and 'locking' it..

I actually built this first with my BCR2000 in mind..
hence the 8 buttons+8 knobs...
I'm already workinng on a slimmer version of this...

1.have a synth part looping ...

2.put this device on the same or different track

3. press 1-16 button and 'all on' button on ccboy

4. map 1st 2 knobs to filter and res of the synth

5. draw/record envelopes for CC1 and 2 to the midi clip in the track where the device is on