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Selected Track 1.2 by mothergarage
529 downloads, 4 Comments utility
Displays the channel strip of the currently selected track in a floating window. Map its parameters to a controller. V1.1: Added buttons for Arm, Previous and Next Track. Added Indicator if the sele... (more info)

Infloat 1.3.2 by mothergarage
531 downloads, 0 Comments utility
A floating window with information about various parameters in Live. Lets you add text of your own. You can save presets and have them recalled at various points in your liveset (for instance to al... (more info)

MultiMapperTime 1.0 by mothergarage
321 downloads, 1 Comments utility
This device lets you map a parameter in Live to time and date. Could be useful for art installations. (more info)

RandomBPM 2.1 by mothergarage
351 downloads, 6 Comments utility
Randomizes BPM within a certain range when loaded (now with random time signature, too). Put this in your default template, set the range, activate randomization with the buttons to the right and sa... (more info)

Scene Trigger 1.0 by mothergarage
438 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Triggers the selected scene. Put a bunch of these in a drumrack (mind the quantizing) and you are able to sequence scenes via a midi clip. Just be sure to disable stop buttons for the track the drumr... (more info)

Clip Trigger 1.1.2 by mothergarage
707 downloads, 0 Comments utility, push
Simple Clip Trigger. Put this in a drumrack to get loops playing in sync. This overcomes a weakness of Live's Sampler. Intended for live use. V1.0.1: GUI update. Added velocity threshold to stop the ... (more info)

Tremor Drumrack for Push 1.0 by mothergarage
6 Comments drum, push
This is a drumrack for Fxpansions Tremor drumsynth. Each Pad represents a slot in Tremor with its own audio output and a Max for Live device mapped to the four macro controls. You will have to load t... (more info)

MultimapperPS3 0.3 by mothergarage
399 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, beta
The PS3 equivalent of my MultimapperXBOX360 device. Control Live's parameters with a PS3 controller. Windows users might have to install drivers from I ha... (more info)

MultimapperXBOX360 0.6 by mothergarage
471 downloads, 5 Comments utility, beta
Quick hack of a max patch by Gavin Jones combined with my multimapper. This is still beta and will probably stay a while. V0.2: Added left and right stick buttons. UI enhancements and patch clean up.... (more info)

MultiMapper32MIDI 2.7 by mothergarage
2609 downloads, 15 Comments utility, push
A 32 dial version of my MultiMapper device with tabbed UI. This is a m4l MIDI device, so you can put this as the first device in a MIDI track. Map any midi-mapable control to the dials. You can save ... (more info)

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